Question: NCAA pool ok for 501c3?

I am considering a NCAA pool for a small fundraiser WITHOUT cash payment. My initial thoughts are that for a $5 donations, we can give out prizes that they can win. To me its no different than a Bingo night but am I missing anything and will it impact our 501c status?

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mum24kids writes:
You should direct this question to whatever state office oversees gambling/games of chance. In some states bingo isn't a big deal, in others it is. While what you're talking about isn't bingo, it appears to be a game of chance and might be subject to state regulations. It's highly unlikely that it's going to create a problem with your 501(c)(3) status.

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gjcoram writes:
Mum is right; you should check with your state. In MA, you need a raffle permit only if the tickets cost money, and only non-profits can get permits, but businesses can have raffles if the tickets are free.

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