Question: Compensation for enrichment program volunteers

Our PTO funds a several week science program/fair. Should the person coordinating be compensated and should it be by the PTO or school? PTO pays for all supplies, etc. And how would we determine an appropriate amount. Thank you!

Asked by jadynsmom729



Advice from PTO Today

Craig writes:
Whether you need to hire someone or not probably depends on whether you have a willing, capable volunteer. If you have someone who is passionate about the project and doesn't need to be paid, great. If you can't find someone or you simply feel that so much work is involved that the person needs to be paid, I'd suggest a flat stipend of a few hundred dollars. Based on your description, it probably makes sense for the PTO to fund the position, but you might want to donate the money to the school and have them deal with the payment. They're better equipped to handle any paperwork involved in hiring this person. Also, the IRS requires you to send a form 1099 to any contractors who you pay $600 or more (total) during the fiscal year. If there's any chance that this might reach that level, I would recommend going through the school.

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