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I would love to get our kids involved in being appreciative of their teachers. I saw a post stating the kids would bring in a school supply item during teacher appreciation week. Does anyone have a letter they could share or is there one in the file exchange to send home to parents? (Couldn't find the right wording to search file exchange.) Also, how do you do this without the teachers knowing? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

Asked by Lacie



Advice from PTO Today

Rose H writes:
Hi Lacie,
You could put together a very simple note saying:

Dear Parents,
To celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week and say thanks to XXX (name of teacher), we are asking that each student bring in one school supply item on XXX (whatever day you designate).

This is a voluntary collection and we appreciate anything you can contribute.

You could then provide a list of suggestions, such as: glue sticks, box of crayons, pencils, notebook, etc.

Get in touch with the room parent and ask him or her to put a copy of the note in the children's folders or backpacks. The teacher will allow it.

Having said all that, I wanted to also point out that our sister site,, has an even better way of doing this! You can go onto the site and create a list of classroom supplies online for the teachers  and then share it with parents. That way, parents have online access to a list of supplies they could give as a gift to the teacher. You can get the info to parents by sharing the web address, printing copies of lists, or emailing them. (You can also publish it to Facebook or Twitter!!) After the Teacher Appreciation celebration, let the teachers know about these easy-to-use online lists. Chances are, they'll want to use them for the next school year!

Good luck!
Rose C.

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