Question: Can a VP call a meeting?

Can a vice president call a meeting, or does the actual meeting request have to come from the president? I know we need a quorum of board members, and I know the president typically calls the meetings, but can another board member? This would be a meeting outside of our regular monthly meetings.

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wkiwaha808 writes:
I'm assuming that it will be a special meeting? In either case, I don't believe the Vice President can call a meeting. That responsibility is left to the President, and, assuming that there is a President, it should remain so. In our PTO, the President is sometimes compelled to call a special meeting upon the request of at least three directors. It all depends on your bylaws but generally this falls under the President's jurisdiction. Any other opinions on this?

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mjjss3747 writes:
Thanks for the response. I do presume it would be in line for the VP to ask the President to call a meeting. In this case, the VP wants to call a meeting to discuss a vote that the President is against, thinking that if the majority of the board were in favor of discussing it, then a meeting would be appropriate. But I do see why the President should be the only one to call a meeting; as President, you don't want your board in dissention against you. Again, thanks for the help!

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