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Several members of our PTO are stepping down at the end of the year but we have one more public meeting to discuss items on the agenda. The Principal and remaining PTO officer are planning to have an election at this meeting to elect the new officers but without following the procedures in the Bylaws which state that Nominations are to be presented at the previous meeting before the Election Meeting which are 1 month apart. The Principal and remaining officer have already chosen people of their choice to serve in the new officer positions. Nominations forms were never sent out nor was it announced that an Election will be held so most of the school doesn't know about the election. The Officers who are leaving do not want to participate in this election but still have to conduct the meeting for other things on our agenda. The Principal has been notified repeatedly by the leaving Officers that we need to follow the Bylaws regarding the election but to no avail. What do we do!

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Advice from PTO Today

Rose H writes:
You are in a tough spot, no question. You have different options and you sound like someone who wants to take action. So, you can go to this upcoming meeting with a copy of the bylaws and challenge the way this is going forward. You can bring along parents who share your concerns. You can request individuals be nominated from the floor -- that's if you have other folks who are interested -- and go forward with a real election. You can also speak privately to the principal to let him or her know that you have concerns, although it sounds like this topic has been brought to her and has landed on deaf ears.

Good luck!

Rose C.

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