Question: Full Board Needed

We had our PTO Elections and we voted in our new president, VP, and Secretary. We still need a treasurer and our current treasurer isnt returning next year. Our president and treasurer positions constitues a full board and both names has to the bank account. What should we do?

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Advice from PTO Today

Rose H writes:
You do need to find someone to take care of the basic functions of the treasurer. So, some thoughts: Is it possible for the current treasurer to stay on as you look for a replacement? Can you find a few parents who may not want to take on the full load of treasurer but could share the job? Could you come up with a list of a few parents who might be able to help and make a direct appeal to them? Call them up, let them know you are stuck. Or, try posting an plea for help on social media. Get the word out that it's important to get this position filled. Hang in there! You have a whole summer to recruit someone!

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