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Previous President refuses to provide me with any information. I am the newly elected President and would like to begin organizing and planning for the upcoming school year. She told me that she would not meet with me until school started back, the treasurer stated the same thing. I cant go by the bylaws because she will not provide me with one that is complete, she left a how to create bylaws sample document at the school for me to review and left instructions that it was not to be copied or removed from the building. Today was the last day of school and newly elected officers are excited and ready to begin planning and organizing for the upcoming school year. What can I do?

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Rose H writes:
This just isn't okay. The outgoing president should be providing you with information now so you can start planning. The bylaws are supposed to be available to all, not just the president. But, this sometimes happens. Worst case, you will need to do some projects from scratch, which is a shame. Can you try being more persistent to get whatever documents you can from her so you can start planning. In the meantime, try reaching out to others as well. For example, are there veteran committee chairs who are staying on and can give you updates on what they are doing for next year? How about checking in with the principal, not blaming or attacking this past president, but asking if the president has a copy of the bylaws or other group-related documents.

In the meantime, we have tons of resources on the site that will help you. What is your most immediate concern? Let us know and we can point you to resources.

Rose C.

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RobinMk writes:
re still being written. We want no part of previous debt and do not want to be held accountable for their poor management of money. It appears there intent is to spend all monies previously earned. can we re-establish ourselves as the new PTO to separate us from the miss they are making/have made?

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RobinMk writes:
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