Question: Volunteer lost a check

We have a volunteer that lost a check and my treasurer is saying that the volunteer has to pay the stop check fee - she said it would not be appropriate for us to pay the stop check fee as a non-profit. I don't want to pass that on to a volunteer - has anyone had experience with this?

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mum24kids writes:
I don't see how being a non-profit has anything to do with it. Generally we don't bother stopping payment on checks, especially if it is a regular volunteer or the amount is fairly insignificant. The fees just aren't worth it. We've had a few people say they have lost checks over the years, and we just tell them to destroy them if they find them. I might do it differently if it was someone I didn't know at all.

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alimeyer writes:
Have you considered online and credit card swiping as a means of payments to avoid this issue all together? Check out and

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