Question: Should we adopt a code of ethics or does Roberts Rules have one?

More and more we confront issues such as is discussed here and that matter of being stunned to realize how low the ethics are of others in our group comes as quite a shocker. Is there a code of ethics adopted by PTOs or is one available in Roberts rules and how would we address this in having current or new members be aware of the ethical expectations of our group or have it read to our group or posted or do anything to ask folks to adhere to it? We are not a parochial school and do not start with a prayer, but I sure find myself praying for help here. What sort of ideas can go into our bylaws to fall back on when these times of having buddies protect buddies even when they are aware their buddies are thieves or when we have ostacizing going on to silence the good people who have stood up for what was right and others pretend not to notice or worse yet jump on board just because the pops are doing it? It's not morals so much as ethics I think. What to do?

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