Question: executive board?

Our bylaws keep referring to "the executive board" but it never states who is on this board. The only thing it states is who serves on the "elected board" There are MANY things that are not being followed in our bylaws but this is the item I am most concerned about. I have ordered a book on "Robert's law" in plan English so that I can break things down at the next PTO meeting so others can be made aware. I am hoping when I do this we will vote to have them updated.

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Advice from PTO Today

Craig writes:
From what you say, I'd recommend that you appoint a bylaws committee to review and update your bylaws. It sounds like they haven't kept up with changes in the way your group does business. It's hard to know for sure without reading your bylaws, but I'd guess that "elected board" and "executive board" are somewhat synonymous. It's not unusual for boards to consist of voting members -- usually the elected officers -- and nonvoting members appointed at the president's discretion. For example, you might like to have your fundraising chair attend board meetings because you value her perspective and advice.

The best resource for rewriting your bylaws is to look at bylaws from other parent groups and think about how they relate to the way your group operates. You can find several samples in the bylaws and policies section of the File Exchange. Good luck with your revisions!

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