Question: how do i officially disband the board members that unofficially resigned?

last week, we had majority of our board members walk out of the school, withdrawing their kids. it left myself (member at large) and our secretary to clean up the disaster. the "president" filed to dissolve our corporation through the state, is trying to close the bank account and spent $5000 in 24 hours on non school related purchases/donations. Although that is a civil matter, i need to know how to officially set up a ballot to disband them according to our bylaws. once they are disband, i can go and take them off of the bank account and add new signers. (per the banker) so is there a form or ballot to disband? or do i add it to the new vote ballot (we are voting new board members in tomorrow) does anyone have any insight on when an entire board walks out and attempts to dissolve the corporation?

Asked by shawnaleigh



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mum24kids writes:
It sounds like you have bylaws available to you so you can follow whatever it says in there on how to remove an officer. But since you are having an election, once those new officers are elected you should be able to take a letter to the bank and give them that documentation to change the signers on the account. You may be able to talk to the bank now and explain what is going on and they may be willing to put some kind of freeze on the account until the paperwork is straightened out, but I think that's kind of a long shot.

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