Question: Can a motion NOT be acknowledged by the chair

If someone has the floor and makes a motion, can the chair dismiss or not acknowledge it? Or must the motion be acted upon either by voting, tabling, postponing or ruling it out of order? Is it ever allowable for a chair to just ignore a motion?

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Parttimeparli writes:
In essence, a chair cannot ignore a non dilatory, properly made and seconded motion. There's a procedure that the good book ( Robert's Rules of Order) explains on pages 650-651 of the 11th edition.
If the chair ignores the motion after it is restated, the member may "standing in his place, put the ignored ( and seconded)motion to a vote without debate." If the chair fails to perform the duties of the chair, the assembly may vote to replace the chair temporarily. A PTA's bylaws have an article that deals with permanent removal that need to be followed if the assembly wants to permanently replace her. There are more hoops to jump thru. A PTO should have in place some remedy for removal from office too.
If your organization is having trouble, I suggest getting a copy of RROR so you can read up on how to handle things like this.

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