Question: Bad Nomination for Board

How do we tell someone they cannot run for the PTO board?

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Advice from PTO Today

Craig writes:
Unless your bylaws provide a reason, you can't. And if your bylaws do provide a reason, it's fairly easy to blame them. But if this is a situation where you just don't think a person is a good fit for the position, I'd suggest being direct, as positive as possible, and maybe suggesting an alternative position. ie "We really appreciate your interest in the treasurer position. You've been a great help on the setup and cleanup committees for our family nights, and we value your involvement. But the treasurer's job is very detailed and involves a lot of forms to stay on top of...We wonder with your schedule if you would be able to maintain that. We thought that chairing x committee would be a better fit..."

At the very least, you will have expressed your concern so that the person won't be shocked when someone else is nominated or the vote goes against her.

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