Question: What can I do about a PTO that made it impossible for new members?

The PTO has changed the bylaws so that when their two year term expires they can just switch positions within the PTO no vote required as long as the officers agree. Its impossible for new members to join. What can I do?

Asked by kini



Advice from PTO Today

Craig writes:
Officers must be elected by the general membership. They can't appoint themselves. You have Roberts Rules on your side, and you might check your state's corporation (if you're incorporated) and nonprofit regulations for additional support. Amendments to the bylaws also must be voted on by the general membership and be done in accordance with the method spelled out in your bylaws -- or if your bylaws don't spell out a method, then you would use the method described in Roberts Rules. That requires prior notice and a two-thirds vote at a meeting with a quorum present.

On top of that, it's just a bad idea for the group's health to not hold elections. It's important for the continuity of the group for more people to get leadership experience, so that when the current officers leave, others are ready to take over. In addition, new leaders bring new ideas, new skills, and new enthusiasm.

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