Question: Who is in financial control?

We are not a PTO, but are considering changing after recent developments. If we become a PTO, can the school district, school board or principal force us to place our funds into a "financial fund" controlled by the school, seat 3 school board members on our board and give the school control as to how the money is spent?

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mum24kids writes:
Are you now a division of the school instead of a separate legal entity? If you become a separate legal entity (whether you become PTA, PTO, or any one of a number of other acronyms), you will be governed by your organizing documents/bylaws. So your bylaws will specify who your members are, who can be an officer/board member, etc. Regardless of how you are set up, though, you still have to have a good relationship with your principal. S/he doesn't need to allow you to meet at the school, or have access to the students for fundraisers, etc.

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Mrs Bridges writes:
The short answer is NO. You are a separate entity from the school and they do not have any control over what you do with your membership, fundraisers, or funds generated. It would be good to have a working relationship with your Principal, but you can meet outside the school and run your meetings as your bylaws outline.

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