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I am the VP of a current PTA. We as a committee would like to switch to PTO. We have voted unanimously to make the switch, however, the committee President is not taking the proper actions to legally dissolve our current PTA to begin the PTO. I am EXTREMELY concerned about legal backlash from NCPTA by not doing this correctly. We have not gotten a vote from our BOD, charter members, nor have we given the 30 days notice to ANYONE to make the switch. Our principal is supportive of whatever decision we make, but obviously we need to to it correctly and within the guildlines and rules of the bylaws for both PTA AND PTO. Could you please advise me on how to handle this situation? I don't want to do anything incorrectly and just to not feel like I"m getting anywhere with our current president.

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mum24kids writes:
You don't have to dissolve the PTA first. You can just start the PTO and put your beginning of the year fundraising money in the PTO account, and spend down the PTA money. PTA memberships from last year are good through the end of September (maybe October--can't remember), so just have your members vote on what they want to spend the money on that is left in the account. It's a lot less hassle than having a formal vote to disband.

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