Question: Cash 4 Caps program still in effect?

Our PTO is tiny and has been struggling to get started with a milk caps redemption program. We missed the boat on Kemps Nickels for School program, which already ended. I'm wondering if Swiss Valley or Prairie Farms are still running their Cash 4 Caps program? I'm having a hard time finding current info on the internet. Also wondering if the 1000 minimum cap requirement and mailing costs make this worthwhile. Have other PTOs found this a profitable fundraiser?

Asked by dkmurphy



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Rose H writes:
Hi dkmurphy,
I did find this link from a Google search:

Wanted to mention we have many fundraising ideas on this site that won't break the bank and are not difficult to do. Check out these links:

30 Tips for a Winning Sales Fundraiser:

Collection Programs: Tips To Pile Up the Profits

Cookbook Fundraisers:Recipe for Success:

Another option is to look into grants from local or national organizations. This article on grants is a good starting point:

Good luck!
Rose C.
Community Manager

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House710 writes:
Swiss valley no longer participates.... I called today. I am trying to find information on Farmer Pledged cash for caps.... Kwik Trip Milk Caps still do it!

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Janilou writes:
Prairie Farms does and you can go directly to fheir website and enter the cap codes up to ten at a time

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