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New and past treasurer wrote large check to the Principal without board members being informed. How to handle this problem.

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mum24kids writes:
Was it for a budgeted item, or just something sort of out of the blue? If it was for a budgeted expense, not as big a deal, although if it was really large, you might want to consider requiring two check signers on your checks to help prevent that from happening. (Although from your wording, maybe there were two signers?) Sometimes even stuff that is budgeted ends up not being necessary for a variety of reasons.

If it was something not included in your budget, that's a much more serious issue. Assuming your budget is passed by your membership, and this was a very large item compared to the rest of your budget, everyone needs to understand the importance of spending the money in accordance with the members' wishes. I wouldn't call the treasurer out in front of the membership, but a conversation with the all the officers would be in order to make sure everyone is in agreement with how these things should be handled.

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daddario writes:
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