Question: Voted new person to be next VP of Membership& later was told by school staff she steals

We had our annual election meeting last week and 1 person new came to the meeting besides the President, Treasurer, Secretary and VP of Fundraising and the principal. We voted for this new person to be the new VP of membership and then after the meeting found out that that person has been suspected of stealing from the school when she would clean rooms for the school from her own business in the past. How can we not have her be on the board next year now?

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Rose H writes:
Well, one way to look at this is the person was "suspected'' of stealing. You could consider giving this person a chance. If you have all your financial controls in place, this person should never be around your group's money on her own. Actually, these are procedures that should be followed regardless of who is on the board. We have helpful articles that outline key steps to take. For example, always have two people count cash that comes in at events or, if you charge for membership, when membership dues are collected. Make sure your group requires two people to sign all checks made out by the PTO. The names go on the account at the bank and a check can't be cashed without both signatures. For more information, click on the article links here:

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Rose C.

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