Question: PTA Intimidating Our New School & PTO into remaining an old PTA

Our elementary school was demolished and rezoned ( along with one other school). The new school combines students from 4 different schools and has a new name. I was the president of the PTA for the largest school of the 4. Our board voted last year to begin as a PTO at the new school. The other PTA president at the other school that was demolished agreed). We notified the local PTA and gave them a 30 day written notice. The local and state PTA crashed our meeting and bullied and intimated us. We decided to just let the PTA go down with the building instead of jumping through their hoops to close since we are a new school, new student body, rezoned & everything. They said that it doesn't matter and that we have to remain as a PTA with the old name. Neither school agreed. We closed our PTA bank account as we were down to a zero balance. We are now an up & running PTO as we begin the school year & they continue to threaten us. Can anyone advise us, please?

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Advice from PTO Today

Rose H writes:
Well, this sounds pretty awful. No state or local PTA can force you to remain a PTA. You've followed the protocols, you notified the PTA, gave them notice, took a vote...You are doing everything as you should. Sorry to hear that they continue to threaten. Threaten to do what? Ignore this as best you can and stay focused on moving forward. Stay in touch! We are happy to share resources with your group to help build parent involvement, run events and fundraisers, and to have a great year!


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