Question: How to do a school budget with NO funds

I am trying to help my husband(treasurer) prepare our schools budget but we have no funds I see lots of example but they all have a large amount of money to start with. Our school has less then a few hundred dollars. If you any advice please help:)

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Critter writes:
Don't focus on the money you have, think about the way you want to spend it. That is, first brainstorm (using your PTO's mission statement as a guide) the kinds of things you want to support with your PTO's funds. It might be classroom supplies, Arts Enrichment, Staff Appreciation, Family Involvement Events, Media Center books, whatever your group's priorities. That represents 95% (reserve 5% for PTO Operations). Then break that 95% of the pie into pieces, one piece for each major priority. You might give Family Involvement 20% and Staff Appreciation 10%. Do that with all your priorities all your whole pie. That's your budget category structure. Now add the money you have PLUS the money you hope to raise. That's your projected income. Now spread that income over your budget categories based on the %'s you assigned. That's your projected expense budget. Tweak, repeat until you are satisfied that you have a workable plan. You might decide to delete a category or two, or add another fundraiser to help you achieve your goals. I'll stop here because I'm not sure how many characters I have left. Hope this helps!

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