Question: President or Not?

I attended the first PTSO meeting of the school in September in which there was a stand-in for the "Acting" President/Treasurer because she could not attend the meeting. There was a Secretary as well. No "real" President or Vice President. The person who was standing in for the Acting President/Treasurer indicated that there was a need for someone to step up to be President or Vice President and possibly Treasurer. Aside from myself, the stand-in and the secretary, there were 6 other parents there (in a school with approximately 1400 students) and the principal. At the end of the meeting, I indicated to the stand-in that I would be interested in stepping up to be President. I understand that someone needs to notify the general membership (we have 15 parents that have paid dues- again, out of 1400 students) of the nomination for myself as President so that an election can actually take place at the next meeting. My question is two-fold, 1.) is the general membership only the dues paying parents and those that attended the September meeting and 2.) is there a template or sample letter that can be sent to this general membership (of 15). Any help would be fantastic. Thank you. RW

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