Question: Impeaching a PTO President

Is there a way to remove the PTO president from office under "Robert's Rules of Order Newly Revised?" We are concerned about misuse of PTO funds being spent by our President without the consent of the board. We have had money missing as well where she has been alone with the PTO funds from events. From what we understand, this is all the Treasure's responsibility. However, she has told us that only she gets the check book. What can we do as a board?

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Parttimeparli writes:
Impeachment does not solve your problem. Removal from office does. Look in your bylaws and see what it says about terms of office. Get the newest edition of Robert's Rules. Depending on the wording of your bylaws (concerning "term of office"), removing her might be as simple as a majority vote of your board.

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Alaska writes:
Can the Chairmen of the board,can he Remove the Pres. and VP

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