Question: Removal from Office with or without cause.

Our current PTO bylaws state that "Officers can be removed from office with or without cause by a two-thirds vote of those present (assuming a quorum) at a regular meeting where previous notice has been given" I can understand why the "with cause" section exists (the person is failing to do their duties) but is there a good reason for why one would need a "without cause" stipulation. It feels like a great way to stir up potential interpersonal drama.

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Rose H writes:
Hi there,
Yes, see your point. If you are thinking that language should be removed form the bylaws, you could suggest that as part of an overall review of the bylaws (There may be other things to tweak.) It's helpful to have a few folks review the bylaws and then propose the changes to the group, which would then vote on them.

To your specific point, you would want specific reasons for removing an officer -- in general, that's an extreme step to take and there should effort made to try to resolve problems and work with this person be fore taking that step.


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