Question: PTO seems to be run by 2 teachers

Questions matching "Our PTO had a fundraiser last March. One of the students (a teacher from the same schools child) brought in $400.00 worth of orders. Several weeks later everyone orders came in Except for the student of the teacher eith the $400.00 order. Eventually, one of the teachers on PTO (not a PTO parent) notified the student and her mom (s teacher at the scool) that her order had been $100.00 short so the order was never filled. The student and her mom were under the impression that the issue was being resolved via the PTO ...since they were sure they had given the PTO the full amount of money when they turned in the order. It is now more than 6 months later and the issue has not been resolved. Please give suggestions

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Advice from PTO Today

Rose H writes:
Hi there,
Not sure why that teacher was involved. It sounds current PTO orders should reach out to this parent and let her know you are sorry for the mix up and make sure she gets they money she submitted but was never forwarded with an order. I'm not sure why the issue isn't resolved, as it sounds like the order was never placed and can't be place now and that the money this parent did send in should have been returned to her long ago.


Community Advice

Andi1213 writes:
Thanks for the response. My friend spoke to one of the few PTO members that our school currently has (they were also officers on PTO last year). That PTO officer said she knew nothing about the issue. Unfortunately the conversations seem to always go back to a teacher that the PTO officers are connected to. That teacher also had taken on the role of fundraiser contact person and the person who reported having the money in her possession over the summer. What does my friend do if she still has no resolution by next week?

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