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Do you have to volunteer in order to run for a board position? Is there a bylaw stating you must volunteer in order to run for a position? The present board members, will not longer be able to be on the board due to not having a child in the elementary school after this year. Suddenly, we have certain parents wanting to be the President and Vice President, but have never volunteered their time with the school. I volunteer monthly and I am the coordinator on the PTO. It is more of a popularity contest, then an election for responsible board members that volunteer and want the kids to have exciting events and fundraisers.

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CherylB writes:
It is what your bylaws say for your group. If you have people stepping up that is a good problem to have, maybe new and fresh ideas will come out of it, they may feel like this is a good time to start volunteering. Good luck-Cheryl PTO Today

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