Question: Board Member Conflict

I am a President on a new properly formed PTO board. The past three years there has been a pto group that had no board, held money in the school account, and only two people were in charged of it all. Those two people no longer wanted to be involved so the group was either going to dissolve or formation needed to happen. I stepped up to the plate and was nominated as president by the remaining members. The problem I am having is the nominated Treasure continues to add hostility to every encounter and question every choice being made even the need for our own tax exemption number. She stated that a flyer I had posted needed to be reviewed by all members before posting it. While i did not disagree that other eyes to ensure that there was no error in the post was made, I did not think that it needs to be an all member thing. Not 8 hours later she then agreed to a third party vendor doing consignment of school swag, with out informing any of us board members until after agreement had been made, and thought that doing this on her own with no input was totally fine. Now I am being told I am on a power trip and being petty that her job should be praised. while it is great news I made it known that that is not how we should conduct business. Now her and my vp are saying I change the rules when I see fit. I am just lost on where to go from here.

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