Question: 501c(3) Reinstate vs Reapply

I'm taking over as Treasurer for our small town PTO(elem/inter & $15k gross receipts). Initially I was told the organization had not applied for 501c(3) or incorporated status in the past so I put together a roadmap to complete this over 2 yrs(the org. was previously using the school # for donations but the school has since said to stop). However, I've since learned that under the PTO EIN, a 501c3 was approved in 2011 & then auto. revoked in 2014 for lack of annual filing. This throws a wrench in my plans to get on track. I can get the officers(& hopefully members) on board to become 'legal' based on 'new' application costs BUT if penalties are due with IRS it will likely be shut down. My question is since the PTO never incorporated, could we apply for incorporation with the state & then apply for the 501c(3) status as a new entity but still with the old EIN#? If so, does having a carryover balance from prior year cause an issue since we would appear as a startup at that point?

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alexdavi1224 writes:
You can reinstate the organization and ask for a refund or waiver of the penalties and interest accumulated on any fees. Do you need help doing this?

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