Question: electing new member

our Pres. was asked to resign, the V.P. is now the Pres. a new person has now taken place of the V.P. but there was never a vote on it. Should there have been an election and a vote at a meeting or can they just put someone in w/o our (parents) knowledge as they did.

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Advice from PTO Today

Craig writes:
Check your group's bylaws to see what they say about replacing an officer. It's possible that the new officer is appointed by the board. If the bylaws don't address that issue, then you really should have an election. Even if the vote is just a formality -- there's only one candidate -- it's a good idea to hold a vote so people feel like they've had their say. The problem with not voting is that you might unintentionally make the group feel like a clique, where only what the board members say counts.

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