Question: Slate of nominees was voted down

We presented our nominees (minus a nominee in the secretary position because no one applied) as a slate. The slate was not well-received and many members have asked how to vote against two particular nominees. We believe we must hold a vote on the entire slate since it was presented that way and will do so by paper ballot. If I am reading Robert's Rules correctly, if the nominees are presented as a slate the vote is on the slate as a whole. However, what do we do if the entire slate is voted down? How do we proceed? Vote by paper on each individual office? Then take nominations from the floor for the offices not voted in? Or do we start a committee to search for new nominees? We are on a tight timeline as we must register with our state by a certain date not to mention we have other PTSO business we must take care of.

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Rose H writes:
Hi there!
Guess we need to answer your question by starting with a question. What was the reason for setting it up as a slate? Is this routine for your group or was it something different?

It seems like if you have folks running for the different open board positions you may be best off by going forward with a vote on those candidates and set aside the idea of a slate. This way, you would be able to stick to your timeline.

Hope that helps!

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cherikim writes:
A slate is called for in our Bylaws. We have never had discontent with nominees like this so it has never been an issue.

Advice from PTO Today

Rose H writes:
Ok. Interesting that this is in the bylaws. Do you see anything in your bylaws that refers to Robert's Rules open nominations, or nominations from the floor? If the slate is voted down, you may have the option of accepting nominations from the floor and voting in individuals.

Robert's Rules for Conduction Elections:

Also, you may want to consider reviewing and revising the bylaws going forward to build in a little more flexibility around the election process, just to avoid stress and worry about the outcome.


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