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Principal's Reading Challenge

15 years 8 months ago #141461 by wilbrahammom
Thanks for all the great ideas. Our Principal ultimately ended up agreeing to dress like a chicken and do the chicken dance at an all school assembly based on suggestions submitted from the students. To that we added selecting a student to be principal for a day as a chicken can not run the school! This was to entice the older grades. We'll see how it goes!
15 years 9 months ago #141375 by J Canada
In December we have a can food drive and every year our principal sets a high goal of items to be brought in. Last year it was around 5,000 and we exceeded that so this year it was 6,000. If the kids succeeded in reaching this number he would dress up as Hannah Montana. Our principal is 6'3? with a beard and we just couldn't imagine him as Hannah Montana. Needlesstosay, our student's were awesome and reached the goal. We have a clapout (I'm not sure how often these occur) sponsored by the Kiawana's for their BUG Program (Bring Up Grades). We had a clapout the last day before Christmas break and after the kids who were participating in the clapout had walked through, Hannah Montana made her debut walking down the halls of the school! Oh my gosh, the kids could not wait! They were so excited and the press came (okay, we made paparazzi press pass for the kids to wear and they wore sunglasses which made it even more fun). Administrators from the central office came to just to see the event. We thought it would have been fun to have some classes make microphones and ask him/her questions as she went by, but we didn't think of it in time and it may have been a bit much for the principal to take. He is such a good sport with things like this. Have fun and be creative! We're thinking that we may take a picture of him dressed as Hannah Montana and have it blown up poster size and auctioned off at our carnival with our auction.
15 years 9 months ago #141348 by gpham
Our students receive each month a calendar for that month in which they would log the minutes that they have read each day. At the end of the month, the minutes are added and for every 250,000 minutes that the students read as a whole school, the principal does a challenge/stunt. Here are some of the things: ate live crickets, dye hair hot pink, dressed and danced as a ballerina, leprechaun, Elvis, Cupid, had water balloons thrown at him by students and teachers, dressed as a baby in a carriage. He also did races where students can participate against him (scooter, little tractors, pie eating with no hands). He also performs in the annual talent show if they reach close 1 million min. One year he sang the popular kids' song "I Love Mud" and splish splash in a pool of mud on stage (chocolate pudding). Last year he performed the live version of Mario (from the video game). This year he will be Sebastian and perform "Under the Sea".
15 years 9 months ago #141296 by Debbieomi
Our pre-k through 4th grade celebrates Michigan's Reading Month each March. Our third graders use their newly acquired persuasive writing skills to convince our principal that she should do their zany and crazy stunt WHEN the students reach their Reading Minute Challenge.

Last year, the kids included our beloved school counselor and challenged him and the principal to a relay race of sorts. It involved alot of water, sand, and baby powder. :eek:
Two years ago, she had to dress like a clown and ride a tricycle through the halls. I think there's been the standard pig kissing also.
I'm printing off this article and sharing with the third grade teachers.
15 years 9 months ago #141283 by wilbrahammom
Thanks. That is a great link!
15 years 9 months ago #141244 by KathrynL
Jello? Chocolate covered bugs? Wow, interesting ideas!

In the March issue of the magazine Emily Graham wrote an article about this very topic called "Principals Do the Darndest Things". It has a bunch of ideas for crazy principal antics. The online story is here -
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