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Principal's Reading Challenge

11 years 1 month ago #148794 by vloglady
I do this at my library, I'm a children's librarian. We have the Summer Reading Club Challenge every summer.

In 2006, I sat in a tub of jello while kids sprayed my hair purple. This was the "Great Jello Sit-Down".

In 2007, I read a bedtime story to a real bunny in my pajamas and gave her a good-night kiss. I had on the pajamas, not the bunny. This was "Bedtime for Bunny". Kids came in pajamas and we had milk and cookies for all. I read Rosemary Well's "Read to your Bunny".

In 2008, we had "Miss Susan's String Fling". Kids sprayed me with Silly String.

IN all years, the kids had to read at least 2000 books for our public library.

This year, I'm stumped. I really like the chicken costume and singing the chicken dance song. Maybe read a chicken book too. I like to do it the first week in September, around 6pm.

Let's have some more ideas.

Jello Lady, Bunny Kisser and String Flinger
11 years 1 month ago #148822 by Debbieomi
Our librarian reads the book "Big Chickens," written by Leslie Helakoski, to our kids. It's a great book! Fun to read, listen to and there is a message about facing fears.
11 years 10 hours ago #149416 by BettyBoop76
Replied by BettyBoop76 on topic RE: Principal's Reading Challenge
Our kids just finished a reading challenge.. 10,000 hours in 2 weeks, we finished with 11,000. Where the principal and vice principal dressed up in sumo wrestler costumes and had a match. the kids loved it. and our local newspaper came and took photos of the event.
10 years 8 months ago #150388 by BettyBoop76
Replied by BettyBoop76 on topic RE: Principal's Reading Challenge
How about having her put her bare feet into 2 big buckets of spaghetti, dog food, or oil paint and read a book chosen by the students
10 years 2 months ago #153038 by Vaundale
Replied by Vaundale on topic Re:Principal's Reading Challenge
We have been doing this at our school for a few years. We have had our Principal & Assistant Principal eat fried worms, had pies thrown at them and be GOOED!

The best they have done by far is to JUMP OUT OF AN AIRPLANE AND LAND ON THE SCHOOL FIELD - with a parachute obviously! - with all the children sitting outside waiting for them!

We are struggling to come up with ideas to follow this!
10 years 1 month ago #153110 by Coolbeans
Replied by Coolbeans on topic Re:Principal's Reading Challenge
Hahahaha I think Tracy's ideas for a principal reading challenge sounds fun.
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