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Principal's Reading Challenge

16 years 4 days ago #141146 by wilbrahammom
Those are both good ideas. Thanks.

She has to choose what she will do after school vacation.

Have a great day!
16 years 5 days ago #141143 by FoxMom
What about eating something gross- like worms or chocolate covered grasshoppers.... the kids would get a kick out of it...
and hopefully the principal remembers these are specialties in some countries
16 years 1 week ago #141109 by JHB
Our principal did something one year about sitting in a baby pool full of jello. He wore crazy swim shorts and a Hawaiian shirt and I think he sat in the pool and read a story, although I believe it was done as the end of some sort of reading challenge.

I didn't get to be at school that day but I heard about it afterwards. The kids were pretty excited. Sounds like a lot of trouble and mess to me...
16 years 1 week ago #141097 by wilbrahammom
That's a great idea! Thanks!
16 years 1 week ago #141030 by TPSparent
Our principal had to have her office on the roof of the school for the day. The kids loved it, the media came out, and it was good publicity for our school. The kids still talk about it and the principal was happy because it didn't rain and she didn't have to deal with the phones all day!
16 years 1 week ago #140961 by wilbrahammom
To motivate our students in grades 2 through 6th to read a certain number of hours during a reading challenge, our Principal has agreed to do something fun and crazy, within reason of course.
Various ideas have come up but nothing is really standing out. Have any other schools issued challenges where the principal has done something? She thinks kissing a pig is old and wants something different.
I'm especially interested in what might motivate the 4th, 5th and 6th graders.
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