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PTA to PTO - need to dissolve?

7 years 3 months ago #171776 by Megan O
Replied by Megan O on topic PTA to PTO - need to dissolve?
Hello, We are currently discussing leaving the PTA and joining as a PTO. I was wondering if there is a step by step process listed anywhere. Some questions, I have:
1) When do we have to let the PTA know we are leaving them?
2) We currently have an EIN number, tax exempt status, and are 501C -
Do I need to get all new numbers, or can we keep the ones we have?
3)How long is this process and when is a good time to start it?
4)What happens to the money that is in the PTA bank acct
Any help would be appreciated.
5) Can we start a PTO while still waiting on dissolving the PTA?
10 years 1 week ago #165954 by Rockne
Hi InNY -

To your two questions:

1. Well, if they wrote you a letter threatening dissolution and you want to be a PTO, just let the dissolution take its course. Might be a few months, but that doesn't mena you can't start your PTO (a completely distinct org) now. You don't have to wait for that dissolution to be final. And honestly, if you don't do a membership drive in the new year for the PTA, meaning you'll have no member, then that will kind of make you defunct as well.

2. Repercussions? No. There are far more PTOs than PTAs in the country. And there are thousands of districts with both PTOs and PTAs co-existing.


PTO Today Founder
10 years 2 weeks ago #165939 by InNY
Replied by InNY on topic Re:PTA to PTO - need to dissolve?
(From NY)I received an email stating that our PTA unit was about to be dissolved by our Region Director. At first, I was alarmed and tried to remedy the situation, but after researching, I think having a PTO is much better. We only had 26 PTA members, out of those, only 4 ever came out to meetings, which were president, VP, Secretary and treasurer.
My questions are: 1) How long would it take to be completely dissolved? We still have some funds, as a cushion, in the PTA account and don't want to hand that over to NY State PTA, it's our money, we raised it for our kids. We left it for the next group to give them something to start up with.
2) Are there any repercussions for the school principal if we become a PTO? We would be the only school with a PTO.
Quite frankly, people forget this is voluntary and they should not be so constricting with these rules.
We are only here to help our kids and schools. So, if a group of volunteers is late with a payment, we should pay a small, nominal fee, not $700 to be reinstated into the NYSPTA.
13 years 2 months ago #157187 by Rockne
Hi almost

Good luck with your new start. I'm curious what those surprise items were. Always interesting to see those.

Looks like you made the switch just before a national dues increase. There's a proposal on the table for another 50-cent per member increase starting later this year.


PTO Today Founder
13 years 2 months ago #157186 by almost ready
Replied by almost ready on topic Re:PTA to PTO - need to dissolve?
The Ga PTA sent the final check list to finalize our dissolution of our PTA organization. We were prepared for the bylaws that appeared saying that a member of the local PTA charter must be present at the dissolution meeting. There were several other things that were on this document that were in no way available on the state web site. We signed the document cut our losses and are done. The remaining balance will be donated to the middle school PTA. The state/local PTA really can't do anything in the end. Now to raise some money to get the PTSO off to a good start.
Thanks Again~
13 years 4 months ago #156578 by Anne
Replied by Anne on topic Re:PTA to PTO - need to dissolve
MUM24KIDS - Thank you for your reply to my question about filing taxes after transitioning from PTA to PTO...very helpful and greatly appreciated.

NJ - We just chose to let our PTA go dark and have formed the new PTO organization. With regard to our funds, we did have some concerns about PTA trying to seize them. As such, we voted to donate all of our money directly to the school. The school then, in turn, will provide the funding for the new PTO once our non-profit status is established. Perhaps some unnecessary extra steps in the end but was recommended to us so we decided it was the safest way to go. Hope this helps....
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