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PTA to PTO - need to dissolve?

3 years 5 months ago #171776 by Megan O
Replied by Megan O on topic PTA to PTO - need to dissolve?
Hello, We are currently discussing leaving the PTA and joining as a PTO. I was wondering if there is a step by step process listed anywhere. Some questions, I have:
1) When do we have to let the PTA know we are leaving them?
2) We currently have an EIN number, tax exempt status, and are 501C -
Do I need to get all new numbers, or can we keep the ones we have?
3)How long is this process and when is a good time to start it?
4)What happens to the money that is in the PTA bank acct
Any help would be appreciated.
5) Can we start a PTO while still waiting on dissolving the PTA?
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