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PTA to PTO - need to dissolve?

10 years 4 months ago #153479 by curious
PTA to PTO - need to dissolve? was created by curious
My question is do we need to dissolve our PTA? Can't we simply chose to do what we want with our own 501(c)3 and let the State PTA office decide what they want to do with our Unit? We have no signed agreement in any of our records that connect us to PTA. Our "purpose" will be the same as far as the IRS is concerned.

We will not be actively recruiting members or particpating in a PTA membership drive next year at our school and the organization will have a new name and will be operationg under the orginal 501(c)3

Of course, we would gather our members to discuss this choice and have the membership vote on it. It seems like that is not "dissolving" the PTA but making a choice to do something different with our non-profit (with the mission staying the same)
10 years 4 months ago #153482 by Rockne
Hi Curious -

Good questions.

Technically, as a PTA you likely don't have your own 501c3 status. Most PTAs get their 501c3 through their affiliation with the state PTA (it's akin to an umbrella 501c3). If that's your situation, then when you leave PTA (or when PTA declares you no longer affiliated, if you just let things wither) you no longer are a 501c3.

What you likely have is an EIN (employee ID number) from the IRS. And you can keep that. But that's not the same as a 501c3 designation.

Even given that, you're correct that there are basically two ways to no longer be a PTA. 1 = Go through the prescribed bylaws steps for dissolution; 2 = Basically let the existing PTA go dark (by, for example, not having elections and not having a membership drive for next year). In that second case, at soe point the state PTA will declare your local PTA not in good standing and sometime after that will consider your PTA done.

Most (but not all) PTOs do wind up getting their own 501c3 status, but that's not particularly difficult to get.

Hope that helps.


PTO Today Founder
10 years 4 months ago #153486 by curious
Replied by curious on topic Re:PTA to PTO - need to dissolve?
Thanks Tim! We do indeed have our own 501c3 - completely separate from PTA.
10 years 3 months ago #153761 by schooldad
You might want to consider incorporating your organization as well , so as to give a layer of protection to your executive board.
10 years 1 month ago #154139 by PTSAPREZ
I would just like to point out that you DID agree to the PTA's bylaws when your unit chartered so in essence you did "sign" an agreement when you became a member of PTA and chartered your organization under their umbrella.

Further, the EIN you received from the IRS was likely via the umbrella from your state's PTA with which you obtained 501(c)(3) status. I'm sure you will be professional enough to follow the bylaws your unit agreed to when they became a PTA and give notice of disbandment to your state PTA so that they can remove your EIN from their umbrella. The IRS will essentially "close out" that EIN and you will have to get a new one. It would sure suck for you if you continue to use the PTA's EIN only to have it revoked and you lose out on valuable donations because you didn't follow the rules.
10 years 3 weeks ago #154397 by Amanda Arbogast
Replied by Amanda Arbogast on topic Re:PTA to PTO - need to dissolve?
Not only will there be IRS issues but you must turn over any and all leftover funds to the PTA State Board. You still have to do all the IRS Tax forms and any and all documentation needs to be sent confirming the dissolution, because you are incorporated by that States PTA, Therefore you pay Dues to that State and that through the State's Incorporation process the monies become that of the State PTA's.
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