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Definition of PTO

17 years 10 months ago #76668 by <LansingMom>
Replied by <LansingMom> on topic RE: Definition of PTO

Originally posted by Bertha:
Lansing mom- so what, we're not a PTA. that doesn't make us any less important than any PTA group.

When exactly did I say that you weren't? The question was "what's a PTO" and I said in a nutshell, some are good some are bad but the fact is the only real true definition that is across the board is that it's not a PTA, don't see how that's saying you're not important, or saying that your not IN IT FOR THE CHILDREN or that PTA is better (i think it can be in many situations but maybe not all the time either) and Renee said that if PTA was doing anything, she didn't see it and her answer to defining PTO was HER PTO, everyone's is different (that sounded like a mission statement and correct me if i'm wrong but not every PTO shares the same mission statement, right?) and being a PTO isn't the cure all either.
MAybe she jumped in here wrong but I don't see her threatening to come kick anyones asses either...

Oh and by the way, NOONE bothered to answer Jennifer's question here for a MONTH before michiganmom jumped in. where were you all when she was simply looking for an answer or was the possibility of a fight the only way she'd get one!?
17 years 10 months ago #76667 by Bertha
Replied by Bertha on topic RE: Definition of PTO
Lansing mom- so what, we're not a PTA. that doesn't make us any less important than any PTA group. No matter what we call ourselves, we're in it to better our children's lives and the lives of those in our school.

Having the "PTA" attached to your group name isn't the cure all. Been there, done that.

Renee, let me get my claws sharpened and I'll be on my way.
17 years 10 months ago #76666 by Renee S
Replied by Renee S on topic RE: Definition of PTO
Still, WE ARE ALL IN IT FOR THE KIDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
17 years 10 months ago #76665 by <LansingMom>
Replied by <LansingMom> on topic RE: Definition of PTO
Well then to answer the very first question, there is no hard and fast definition of what a PTO stands for other than Parent Teacher Organization. It's any parent group that isn't a PTA, period. They can be non-profits, they can be run by the school, they can advocate in their own schools or even locally, some have organized a group of PTOs to consult with, some only fundraise, some only organize school volunteers, some are just social gatherings, not all of them apply for tax exempt status, not all apply for 501c3, some keep seperate accounts, others run their money through the schools, some exist only in name, it's vastly different all across the country and they can all have any number of names to identify themselves but the main difference is that they are all not part of the PTA.
17 years 10 months ago #76664 by Renee S
Replied by Renee S on topic RE: Definition of PTO
first off, michigansupermom's comment was before people starting debating the pta/pto issue. The lady who started this forum just asked about what PTO stands for & what do they do. Seems to me that kmamom & I are the only ones who actually gave her an answer. (Granholm is the one making the cuts because of Engler's messed up budget. This is at the state level.) AGAIN PTO/PTA WE ARE ALL IN IT FOR THE KIDS!!!!!!!! Who cares if one is PTO or PTA!!!! WE ARE ALL IN IT FOR THE KIDS!!!!!!! Hey, Bertha, how about a trip to MI for some********

[ 11-23-2005, 07:16 PM: Message edited by: Renee S ]
17 years 10 months ago #76663 by lyon
Replied by lyon on topic RE: Definition of PTO
To the michigan mom who has not heard about any lobbying for public education here in Michigan. Where have you been?. PTA groups, which is a part of the K16 coalition, school administration , students, teachers walked to the steps of the capitol on June 21st to rally for more education funding. Along with governor Graholm, our State PTSA administration Director spoke on education funding. There were almost 13,000 people, more than any other rally held in Michigan. Legislation had not addressed it, so the State PTA send out petitions to each PTA president to get signatures from registered voters to get the legislation to address the house bill SB246 and the senate bill bill HB 4582 for adequate education funding. We need at least 250,000 signatures to get this on the ballot. We need more parents getting out there and doing something other than bashing each others parent groups. This was in the newspaper and in the news, how could you not know? There ar many other education PTA initiatives, but parent support is crucial. Peopple wake up Parent involvement is a must!
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