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Definition of PTO

18 years 5 months ago #76674 by Rockne
Replied by Rockne on topic RE: Definition of PTO
You're right, Lansing, that you didn't throw bombs. I confused Lansing and Michigan. Trick with unregistered is that there's no way of telling if you're Lansing and Michigan.

In any case, good luck with your parent group work. Your dedication to kids and your school is much appreciated.


PTO Today Founder
18 years 5 months ago #76673 by dlf
Replied by dlf on topic RE: Definition of PTO
Boy--if that is the case they will sure miss out on a ton of great ideas, sharing and caring about children. As Tim said --this particular debate is one that often causes that to occur. Hope the other boards you visit are as terrific as this one....d
18 years 5 months ago #76672 by <LansingMom>
Replied by <LansingMom> on topic RE: Definition of PTO
since I am the only one posting here unregistered, I assume you mean me. I don't see that I was tossing any hand grenades. I've been reading these boards for a while now and while I liked some of the ideas, I don't so much enjoy the feelings here. Maybe her post got lost but I saw it before and I saw that it hadn't been answered (I didn't have anything to contribute because at the time, I wasn't even sure what a PTO was) but I did take issue with the comment that the Michigan PTA wasn't doing anything. That's where I jumped in because I KNEW that wasn't true. As for registering, I never even planned on doing anything but reading. I'm still learning and I didn't have much to contribute yet but I might have at some point and if I was thinking about registering this whole experience killed that. I was under the assumption that this was a site for everyone but I think I got a first hand look at the fact that it's not. You will have no idea how many people came here and saw this trashing and decided it wasnt' for them.
18 years 5 months ago #76671 by Rockne
Replied by Rockne on topic RE: Definition of PTO
Yes, Molly seems to enjoy re-runs of Hogan's Heroes for some reason.


PTO Today Founder
18 years 5 months ago #76670 by pals
Replied by pals on topic RE: Definition of PTO
Tim I am noticing that your post are at 4:13 in the morning, does that mean your new baby is up?? I second your comments !!

"When you stop learning you stop growing."
18 years 5 months ago #76669 by Rockne
Replied by Rockne on topic RE: Definition of PTO
Happy Thanksgiving one and all.

While this PTO v PTA topic often sparks the most emotional exchanges on these boards, a couple of notes (that apply throughout the boards):

1. Don't get personal. And let's can the even-though-joking references to physical solutions. In cyberspace, an extra dose of politeness is often required to keep things positve and productive.

2. Don't throw hand grenades just because you're looking for an explosion -- especially if you're new and unregistered. This message board -- the busiest parent group sharing site on the web by far -- gets approximately 60-70 posts on 25-50 topics per day. Most often, if a message doesn't elicit a response, it's because it was unluckily lost in the traffic and slipped down below the radar screen.

3. You get a lot more rope/leeway if you're also here to participate/share your best ideas/solutions. Sounds like you've been involved with parent groups for a while -- how about hitting the involvement boards and sharing your involvement insight or the "dealing with staff" boards and sharing your best solutions there, etc. ?


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