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Definition of PTO

6 years 11 months ago #171927 by Rose H
Replied by Rose H on topic RE: Definition of PTO
Hi there,
Let's start with a congratulations for stepping up to the be president of the PTO!

PTOs are independent groups that are set up to support schools, hold community events, raise money, and help build a school community.

PTAs do all of that as well. The difference is PTAs are part of the National PTA organization. In exchange for paying dues to be part of that organization, they get resources and other assistance in running their group. They are also part of a national group that promotes educational related issues on a national level.

So, it depends on what is the right fit for your community. PTOs are much more locally focused and independent.

We have some good posts on this topic that will walk you through even more specifics on the differences.

Here is a good starting point:

Also, as a new PTO president, you may find our Facebook group, PTO and PTA Leaders, really helpful. You'll get lots of tips, ideas, and support from fellow leaders. Here's that link:

Please stay in touch -- We are happy to help and provide you with specific resources as you move forward.

Community Manager
6 years 11 months ago #171923 by Anonymous
Replied by Anonymous on topic RE: Definition of PTO
I have read a ton of posts and I cant find an answer. What is the difference between PTO and PTA? I am Newly elected President of my daughters PTO, moved here in January, I have no clue what I am doing.
11 years 3 months ago #163541 by MS.T.
Replied by MS.T. on topic PTO Definition

Today at my over the age 50, I found myself not knowing what the heck the job descriptions was talking about. I had the same problem with acronyms. In your search engine like yahoo or any you may us:

1) type in the initials that you are look for and include the word "definition"
you should get more than enough of website and of dictionary to get what you are looking for. The initial "pto" means many things, you will see for yourself.

example: PTO Definition (hit enter key)

Best Wishes,

Never Alone
18 years 5 months ago #76677 by tryinhard
Replied by tryinhard on topic RE: Definition of PTO
I agree this should be about parents helping their children. It should never come down to us vs them. Everyone should be getting as much information to help CHILDREN as possible. I have been on both websites and both have good information to give. Does it really matter (the definition) or what really matter is the reason we visit this site in the first place? When someone asks for help no one asks are you PTO or PTA. The responses given are to give one an idea of where or what to do next. Parents lets get it together and do what is best for the sake of our children.
18 years 5 months ago #76676 by Rockne
Replied by Rockne on topic RE: Definition of PTO

Originally posted by <Ray in Texas>:
Tell the folks who you are on every page of your website. Web Site Design 101.

You mean like the "about us" button that appears at the bottom of every page here?


PTO Today Founder
18 years 5 months ago #76675 by <Ray in Texas>
Replied by <Ray in Texas> on topic RE: Definition of PTO
This is an interesting chat. I believe Jennifer's original question was What is Definition of PTO?? I too wondered until I read this chain of thoughts. I stumbled on this page and had a hard time finding what PTO stood for. There is nothing in the webpages that says what PTO is. Not a very good use of internet marketing. Tell the folks who you are on every page of your website. Web Site Design 101.
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