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Sally Foster Problems?

13 years 8 months ago #155367 by karen
Replied by karen on topic Re:Sally Foster Problems?
I do not like the Sally Foster gift card. I have always ordered the gift wrap because it is the best. I will not order any more because by the time you pay shipping and tax you get very little for your money. When it was shipped to the school it was much better.
13 years 8 months ago #155240 by Beth Eakes Martina
Replied by Beth Eakes Martina on topic Re:Sally Foster Problems?
I am having a problem getting the list of who my child sold cookie dough to. It really gets me that I'm having to take my time and energy with this. Yes I know it's my choice to do so. Yesterday my son had a big academic project due today. His school work comes first rather then peddling this overpriced S.F. project up and down the street.
13 years 8 months ago #155192 by Karen
Replied by Karen on topic Re:Sally Foster Problems?
I have been buying Sally Foster paper for years. I often have to find someone with children who are selling it in the fall. I swear it is the best paper I have ever found. It is so strong and never tears. I have never purchased any other items but the paper it the greatest!
13 years 9 months ago #155028 by Elizabeth
Replied by Elizabeth on topic Re:Sally Foster Problems?
Update: the $20 peanut butter cups arrived today, completely melted. I guess I should have seen that coming.
13 years 9 months ago #154990 by Elizabeth
Replied by Elizabeth on topic Re:Sally Foster Problems?
I just got a box of peanut butter cups for $20 (well, $18 - I now have a never-to-be-used $2 credit with Sally Foster). I was irked enough to seek out a SF-bashing website. PTO Parents: I would much rather you send the kids out with a letter asking for donations and explaining the money wasted on "fundraisers" like SF. I guarantee I would give $ but I will never participate in a scheme like this again.
13 years 9 months ago #154896 by taj
Replied by taj on topic Re:Sally Foster Problems?
So many negative issues with Sally Foster. I could write a novel. Let's get back to the basics folks: wrapping paper = paper to cover a box, it gets ripped off and thrown away. $20 cards = if they sell 500,000 cards nationally at $20 each and each card leaves a $2 balance, it's brilliant marketing as they just landed another cool million dollars to simply sit on. If each $20 card incurs a shipping fee of, oh say, $8 - I guarentee that they've profited on that amount as well. (and you just forfeited $8 that could have purchased overpriced product to boot!) The reps, both local and regional, are not prepared nor equipped to debate some of our concerns or questions. Their program is misleading - we were told that shipping fees would be "minimal" when we signed a sales agreement. This is bogus - buy a $6.95 roll of wrapping paper, add the $5.95 shipping fee and you've just spent $12.90 on one roll of wrapping paper. They argued that this buys "convenience" - I argued that convenience is overpriced and asked if one of them would give me $12.90 and I'd hand them a roll of wrapping paper. Nobody took me up on this great offer. I asked if they would be comfortable having their mother spend $12.90 on one roll of WRAPPING PAPER! No reply. They also said that I "might be surprised at how well the program will do for our school". I said I'm not into surprises and to show me some data and facts. No reply. I asked to talk to folks who had used their $20 cards, I welcomed input - positive input. No reply. I advised them that I will not blindside my community, neighbors, friends as I am dug in here, I love it here, and I will not be responsible for alienating or creating a negative impression of my school's active PTO. I asked for facts. They then said that I'm difficult and completely unreasonable to work with. (At this point they did have a point.) The sad part is that our children are the avenue for them to sell this bogus program. OUR CHILDREN! I realize that we are all out to make a living, I realize that the economy is not favorable, but let's make a living being honorable, honest, and respectable - shame on you Sally F.
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