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Sally Foster Problems?

15 years 3 months ago #148910 by cre8yrdrmz
Does anyone know if there has ever been any kind of survey done for these types of fundraisers. I created one and wanted to get feedback. I know it wouldn't be very scientific but it is a place to start. I would like to post a link to it but am not sure if I am allowed. Anyone know?

15 years 3 months ago #148891 by Lola5
Replied by Lola5 on topic RE: Sally Foster Problems?
Sally Foster has the worst customer service. Sure the reps are always around, constantly calling you to sign you up, but when you've signed, try finding a rep...especially if there is a problem. I had 3 fundraisers with them, each one worse than the other.

Never again!
15 years 3 months ago #148853 by ptomomindy
Replied by ptomomindy on topic RE: Sally Foster Problems?
You are right...that's why we did our research and found that Innsbrook is our choice...they told us that none of their products in the catalog and prizes are distributed by giftco...they aren't affected at all by that fundraising catastrophe. I feel bad for schools who have chosen (without the research) other companies who use giftco which is MOST!!! What will they tell the parents in the fall, about what items are not available? will they send out a mass flyer with the kids and a list of non available items? I would not want to deal with that way! Just do your homework, is the bottom line.
15 years 3 months ago #148852 by adj1215
Replied by adj1215 on topic RE: Sally Foster Problems?
I have been involved with the fundraising companies, schools, community groups and everyone in between for over 10 years now. The main issue with "ALL" fundraising companies that provide catalog sales are being tested. Most of the fundraising companies import the items they purchase from oversees and are not produced in the USA. 95% of all fundraising companies with catalogs were purchasing their inventory of items through a company called "Giftco" in Illinois. They went bankrupt in March - BAD news for the fundraising industry! Most catalog companies are going to have a very difficult time fulfilling orders this fall - so buyers be aware!! Protect yourselves as PTO members/chairs and work with product companies that manufacture and/or only provide products that are made in the USA (at this point away...). Google "Giftco" and see for yourself.
15 years 3 months ago #148844 by mykidsmom
And you do have the power to work with your rep for that 55% instead of 40%! I was able to do so a few times and glad I did because I needed that extra 5% we earned to offer a limo to lunch prize as well as a prize to the grade that had the highest sales. I learned real quick that I did and could ask fo certain things.

As far as the cost of packets, posters, any extras that may be sent to you fromthe company for your school's use, if you have extra packets or (in my case) couldn't hang posters (newly pained walls) GIVE THEM BACK TO YOUR REP! They may need them for a school that is short or can reuse them another way.

It's not just a fundraiser anymore, it's a business partnership.
15 years 3 months ago #148821 by middle age dad

I could not agree with you more! There are two phrases that have hurt fund raising over the years. One is on the school side---profit percentage. It is the most misunderstood and abused phrase in fund raising. It is not about the percentage, it is about pricing, quality, incentives,and service. On the fund raising companies end---mark up. And the two are related. In order to offer the high percentages, companies need items with high markups. Sometimes, they could care less about the quality of the products. Too many times, the import gift item on the catalog is smaller then in the past and inferior in quality. But, the company needed to have it made that way so they could get their "mark up". It is a vicious cycle, however some companies are actually starting to lower prices, improve product quality, and give offer less than the highest profit percentage possible. Perhaps there are brighter days ahead!
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