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Fundraiser Ideas for low income students...

9 years 7 months ago #166154 by Rose H
Hi Tynna,
Thanks so much for posting! Bet you are inspiring other groups at small schools! Good luck during back-to-school season and please stay in touch!

Rose C.
9 years 7 months ago #166139 by Tynna
Hi! Im relatively new to this site. Ive checked it out a few times but im usually too busy to stay for long.

This is my 2nd year on our local PTO. Co-chair last year, and now ive been asked to become chair. Im super excited :)

Our school is a tiny school in downeast Maine. We are quite low income and have to do a lot of thinking regarding our fundraising. We like to stay away from "the norm". A few things we do are quite easy and make good money. (Ive also read A TON of great ideas i will be bringing up to the members). Our first is a silent auction. We get businesses from all over to donate. (Fyi- major sports leagues are very willing to donate. And we are not a 501c3. We simply use our tax ID). We sell tickets for 25 cents each. We also put tickets into bundles which end up selling better. 250 tickets for $25, 500 tickets for $50, etc. we have the items on tables so people can view them. They write their name and number on back and put their ticket into the bag. Simple as that. We draw one ticket per item. We average $1500-$2500 every year.

Another fundraiser we do is around christmas time. We find a local wreath maker and figure out a price for wreaths. We send the kids home with forms. We usually sell plain wreaths for $5 and decorated wreaths for $10. Kids have the forms for a couple of weeks. Once the wreaths are made we deliver to whoever purchased. Usually raising around $300. Not bad for barely any work.

Also, we do what we call "superbowl subs". We send home forms for the customer to pick what they want on their subs. Bread, meats, cheese, veggies, etc. We give them the choices. A lot of our local grocery stores will donate the food items. We sell them for $5 a sub. We get together and make them that morning and deliver to the specified address on game day. Oh, and we do packets of condiments instead of put them on the subs.

We also do the mother/son dance, father/daughter dance, prince and princess tea party and hold a pageant.

This year we are planning our first touch-a-truck which im very excited about :)

Hope i helped with some ideas! :)
10 years 2 months ago #164962 by Rose H
HI Charlotte,
Thanks for the post! You make many great points. If you are looking to build parent involvement, one thing to consider is hosting a few family get togethers that are designed to help parents meet other parents. It is a great way to get people involved and can be done at very little or almost no cost. In warmer weather, you could host an after school (or weekend) picnic. Families can pack their own lunches and just mix and mingle. You could add some games or activities like mini-relay races for the kids that don't require spending money on equipment.

Here are some links to articles that you may find helpful for building parent involvement:

9 Simple Involvement Builders:

26 Ways to Build Involvement:

Secrets that Build Parent Involvement:

Also, if you check our Pinterest page,, you will find many program ideas that will bring families together and can be done inexpensively.

Good luck…and stay in touch!

10 years 2 months ago - 10 years 2 months ago #164960 by Marquart

This is my first time on and I love it so far. I have been on this site since I came home. My poor husband. Oh well. I think the ideas I have seen so far are great! I will definitely be on frequently and posting. Thank you for all those that take the time to come up with such great ideas and sharing them. I and my PTO members are very thankful. I hope to get more parents, grandparents and teachers involved. There are only about 15 involved so far in a school of 600 students. I will definitely inform our PTO and hope we can get more people involved. Any ideas are greatly appreciated.

I forgot to mention, I am one of 14 children. We grew up with very little money, but we were loved and very happy. We did not participate in events which required money, because we did not have the money. It did not bother us because our parents did not make it a big deal. We just knew it was a part of life. I just want people to be aware that a $1 may be too much for some. If there are more than one child in school, it may be difficult. Money is used for other things like food or clothing.

Thank you,
10 years 3 months ago #164877 by PTO ideas
Replied by PTO ideas on topic Re:Fundraiser Ideas for low income students...
We are a Title one K-12 school with approximately 600 students and have had success with the following Fund Raisers:

* TALENT SHOW - Charge participants $5 to be in the show and admission prices can vary for parents/friends - we charge $2 to $3.... Also perform the show at end of school day right before Thanksgiving Break and charge all students $1 admission.... Students in the show get a tshirt (collect sponsors to help with costs), goody bag (donated items of candy, hot chocolate, etc..) and a certificate.... We make it non-competitive and fun....High School show has winners voted on by the students (most talented, Best overall performance., etc... just for fun ) (usually make $2000 +)

* COIN DRIVE- Choose two sides ( boys vs. girls).... (college team vs another college team if big rival in your area, etc....) Place jars in all classrooms for a month or however long and keep running tallies to keep students interested.... Come up with a prize for winning group (extra pe time.... ice cream party... etc) or a punishment for losing team (teachers take a pie in the face, etc...) (usually make $2000+)

*HOLIDAY CANDY GRAMS - sell small candy grams for $0.50 and deliver to students before Christmas, Valentines day Spring Break etc.... Also can work with local florist to sell flowers for $1 or $2 at Valentines or Dollar Tree to sell teddy bears at Valentines for $2 (usually make $300-$400 per holiday)
11 years 1 month ago #163225 by Busy momma
Replied by Busy momma on topic Re:Fundraiser Ideas for low income students...
My son's school is low income and high Spanish. The big food fundraisers and brochure sales don't fly we'll with our population. We do a program called Computers for Education. They have been around for like 30 years. It basically is an overnight campaign that is based on student participation. They don't have to sell anything and parents do not have to purchase anything to make the school money. They send "booklets" to the school that contain postcards. The students take them home and address the postcards with friends and relatives. When they bring them back I forward them to the company in a postage paid envelope they provide. We get paid 5.50 for every student that participates. They do mail the postcards to the addresses provided with magazine offers but even if no one orders we still get our money!!!! We made over 2000$!! Their website and all of their materials say they do not sell addresses and I believe it. They are also listed with better business with an a plus rating. We haven't had any issues with them at all!!
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