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Fundraiser Ideas for low income students...

3 months 1 week ago #173218 by Anonymous
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I would like info please 
1 month 3 weeks ago #173235 by KT
We started up birthday grams this fall and it was a Huge success!! We ordered 5” foil balloons, they come a a mini straw to blow them up (too small for helium) and to assemble them we used yarn (lots of people were very willing to donate as it seems to be everywhere) and tied the yarn onto the neck of the balloon, strung the yarn down into cute paper straws, my friend got glued the neck onto the straws but I think it looks nicer when strung down further but you can play around with them and find what works best for you! We added a cute ribbon between straw and balloon and viola! $1 per! We sent forms home (look online for bday grams) and parents, grandparents, aunts uncles, siblings etc can buy one of the balloons for the child’s half bday or real bday and we have a parent who works at the school who is our bday fairy! She goes to the classrooms and delivers them to the bday student and makes a big deal as she enters! “Somebody has a birthday today!!!” And all the kids clap cheer and grin their heads off! It’s such an easy fundraiser and very versatile! We understand there may be some who don’t get any from home so we asked in our form for donations to other students and that was very well received! Lots were donated also for those that may not have one from home! And there is still a big deal made just as it is for every other student so no child is left out!
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