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ideas for food items for fall festival?

4 years 5 months ago #173043 by Anonymous
Replied by Anonymous on topic ideas for food items for fall festival?
Pulled pork sandwiches....chili
6 years 1 month ago #171978 by Rose H
Sounds like you've got a great system in place! Thanks for sharing!
6 years 1 month ago #171957 by Jamie Jacob
Replied by Jamie Jacob on topic RE: ideas for food items for fall festival?
We get 15 pizzas from Costco sell every slice. Cheese and pep sells the best at $2. Combo isn't as popular. We have 625 students but not nearly that many attend. Nachos also do well. We're thinking about chili but due to a lack of volunteers we are having a hot dog/ gourmet sausage and sno cone cart/truck coming. Also our popcorn popper is flaky and every time we rented sno cone it over heated. Never could keep up with the cotton candy demand but might give it another shot.
19 years 2 weeks ago #110164 by delores
Replied by delores on topic RE: ideas for food items for fall festival?
Our usual at our spring carnival is alot of things that can go together. We offer chili, hotdogs, hamburgers, nachos and cheese, pretzels, which can also (for additional cost) go into chili dogs, chili nachos and cheese, cheeseburger and cheese and pretzel. also sell water and soda, popcorn and cotton candy and sno cones are sometimes sold too. we keep the prices reasonable as alot of families are feeding a few kids and we want to encourage them to come back!!
19 years 2 weeks ago #110163 by CalvaryMom
Replied by CalvaryMom on topic RE: ideas for food items for fall festival?
We have a bit of a different take on the food we serve at our fall craft/garage/bake sale. Several Moms make gallons of homemade soups and we serve them with fancy breads donated by a local gourmet bakery. (We're in Minnesota and the first weekend in November is usually a little nippy) We also do the hot dog/chips thing for the kiddies. We have a whole host of desserts that sell like crazy by the slice, such as rum cake, cheese cake, cakes, pies, bars, cookies, etc. Our "cafe" is one of the biggest profit centers at the sale.
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