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ideas for food items for fall festival?

15 years 9 months ago #110159 by sjbear2
Replied by sjbear2 on topic RE: ideas for food items for fall festival?
Hi...At our Fall Fair we sell Soft Pretzels and Water Ice. We have ours in Sept and it is usually still warm so the water ice is very popular.

15 years 9 months ago #110160 by levonda
Replied by levonda on topic RE: ideas for food items for fall festival?
I love the idea of pizza by the slice. I am curious as to what toppings are the most popular and how many pizza's you generally order? We have about 500 students and I would love to do this in place of our usual hot dogs this year.

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15 years 9 months ago #110161 by mom2m&a
Replied by mom2m&a on topic RE: ideas for food items for fall festival?
We do pizza by the slice. We buy whole pizzas from Pizza Hut for a really good price and have them deliver. I've done the food two years in a row and here's what works for us. We hav over 900 students and our carnival is a community event so we get big crowds.

Our carnival is from 12 - 5. We have 20 pizzas delivered at 12 (they give us the warmers to use) and another 20 delivered at 2 pm. We had a couple of pizzas left over last year. We buy only pepperoni and cheese and they are equally popular. The only thing I might add is a couple of veggie pizzas since we have so many people that don't eat meat.

Hope this helps. One year we tried to have the pizzas delivered as we were getting low but it didn't work for us - we always ran out before they got there.
15 years 8 months ago #110162 by <PTCApres>
Replied by <PTCApres> on topic RE: ideas for food items for fall festival?
We hold a Fall Festival every year and our local volunteer fire dept. sets up grills to cook hamburgs, hot dogs and veggie burgers. They have A LOT of fun, make a little bit of money and it's no work for our PTCA! It also comes in handy to have our firefighters and EMTs on site (LOL). The PTCA holds a bake sale and our most popular item is "decorate your own cupcake". Many people bake plain (unfrosted) yellow and chocolate cupcakes. Another person (decorates cakes on the side) makes orange and green frosting. Another person makes small bags of candy toppings (candy corn, gummy worms, etc) and jimmies are available. The kids LOVE it.
15 years 8 months ago #110163 by CalvaryMom
Replied by CalvaryMom on topic RE: ideas for food items for fall festival?
We have a bit of a different take on the food we serve at our fall craft/garage/bake sale. Several Moms make gallons of homemade soups and we serve them with fancy breads donated by a local gourmet bakery. (We're in Minnesota and the first weekend in November is usually a little nippy) We also do the hot dog/chips thing for the kiddies. We have a whole host of desserts that sell like crazy by the slice, such as rum cake, cheese cake, cakes, pies, bars, cookies, etc. Our "cafe" is one of the biggest profit centers at the sale.
15 years 8 months ago #110164 by delores
Replied by delores on topic RE: ideas for food items for fall festival?
Our usual at our spring carnival is alot of things that can go together. We offer chili, hotdogs, hamburgers, nachos and cheese, pretzels, which can also (for additional cost) go into chili dogs, chili nachos and cheese, cheeseburger and cheese and pretzel. also sell water and soda, popcorn and cotton candy and sno cones are sometimes sold too. we keep the prices reasonable as alot of families are feeding a few kids and we want to encourage them to come back!!
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