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Cost of movie license

18 years 10 months ago #118862 by onesteph
Replied by onesteph on topic RE: Cost of movie license
How would I go about getting a movie license for our school? Does it have to be renewed every year and how far in advance of our movie night should I get this?
18 years 11 months ago #118861 by mum24kids
Replied by mum24kids on topic RE: Cost of movie license
I was also told that the $50 price was a one time thing.

One other important point for anyone going for an annual license--make sure you ask if your school district has a negotiated discount. The people at the movie licensing company were very helpful and offered to me that I was part of a district that had a negotiated rate, so I was able to save on the annual licensing fee (although it didn't apply to the one time license). But in case the person you are dealing with forgets to check into that, or just doesn't offer it up, it's worth asking.

Also, the licenses aren't given to the parent groups, they're given to the school, since the movies are shown on school property. That's why you get to take advantage of the school district discount.
18 years 11 months ago #118860 by Daddio044
Replied by Daddio044 on topic RE: Cost of movie license
We had the same thing happen. I was told that the first time is $50, each after that is $75. Or, you can get the annual license.
18 years 11 months ago #118859 by curlykidz
Replied by curlykidz on topic RE: Cost of movie license
There web site indicates that a one time license is $50-$75. Has your school enrollment size increased since last year?
18 years 11 months ago #118858 by ScottMom#1
We have not renewed ours yet this year. I would give them a call and ask about it. We pay almost $400 for our school's size.

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18 years 11 months ago #118857 by campbem
Cost of movie license was created by campbem
We are about to host our "2nd Annual Movie Night." I received my license, and the letter that accompanied it indicated that our cost was going to be $75. Last year was only $50. Can anyone tell me their cost? Has it really gone up that much in one year?
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