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page two......

16 years 9 months ago #131627 by Shawn
Replied by Shawn on topic RE: page two......

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16 years 9 months ago #131623 by dlf
Replied by dlf on topic RE: page two......
Scott--I was so up at the start of your post. Hadn't thought about all that "successful end of the year" stuff. Then to hear how hard it is getting for you. Yuk...Zoos are fun but I agree--let a child choose and they're doing the fun park every time. Maybe you should get a bunch of like minded friends and all head down there one afternoon and let the children have their own fun. They always break down into smaller groups anyway.
I didn't have a swing set but do remember those big, big streamer thingies that used to come out of the handlebars of my big bannana seat bicycle. That and running around in my underwear in those summer rainstorms, using twigs to race in the gutters, and slumber parties that never saw a wink of sleep. I won't even let my husband see me in my underwear. Youth is really for the young...


ps--I think Shawn is showing off....:)
16 years 9 months ago #131590 by ScottMom#1
Replied by ScottMom#1 on topic RE: page two......
I either LOVE or HATE this time of year!!! It can be so fun and rewarding seeing a good year come to an end and all your plans get fulfilled or extremely frustrating watching all the year's work end without accomplishing much. This year, I'm leaning more towards the successful. With a new principal, everything about our group has changed-except for the parent participation, which is always nil. I'm actually looking forward to the end of the year. My oldest is leaving our school for a new one, it marks my sixth year on PTO, my third year as president, and my third principal. My biggest let down this year, the 5th grade field trip. Last year they went to an amusement park and had an excellent time. My son has been working hard to help his class raise money for this all year and we get a note last week that says they have decided to go to a zoo instead! First of all, I don't know a single child who wants to do this instead, they all went to the local zoo last year, and finally, it costs almost as much as the amusement park! At this point, my son has decided he doesn't care and it's really frustrating. I have no idea what they are thinking but they didn't event consult the parents who typically do field trips but just ran with some random suggestion. What a mess!!!
Anyway, my husband had surgery today and we had a tornado watch that cancelled the school activities for the night. The weekend was gorgeous but so full of activites that we practically didn't have time to sleep. My new business is going very well. :) Finally, someone has decided to make sure my unchallenged child is getting some challenge. It seems like things are falling into place and ending all at once. We have less than a month left of school and I'll be starting all over again. Thanks guys for being here for it all!!!

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16 years 9 months ago #131585 by my3strongtikes
Replied by my3strongtikes on topic RE: page two......
Our swing set my parents bought in 76 the bicentenial year. So it was red, white and blue. Had the double glider, two swings, the teter toter thing and the trapeze bar. Oh yeah and the nice metal slide on the end so you could burn your butt in the nice hot sun when you were wearing shorts. Those were the days.

Oh and that winter we had the famous Blizzard of 77 here in Buffalo and when we stood next to it I was about 2 feet taller than the swing set. LOL

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16 years 9 months ago #131582 by CrewChief
Replied by CrewChief on topic RE: page two......
Shawn, you really are the coolest... :cool:

Total twin moment. I just got an email message from my twin brother about the swingset we used to have when we were little. It had a glider, big plastic clown heads at each end and a "tent" over the slide platform. Do you suppose it's Spring that's bringing out the kid in all of us? Twin pops and orange push-ups all around!

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16 years 9 months ago #131573 by beignets
Replied by beignets on topic RE: page two......
first quotes, now pictures, soon: music clips to accompany posts?
change shue is a cool thing!
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