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10 years 8 months ago - 10 years 1 month ago #148467 by rkta
Movie Nights Themes... was created by rkta
I am hoping to be elected as PTO President at my kids school this May along with a few friends. We have been reading on here and trying to learn all we can about the events that work best.

I am really excited about Family Movie night! We live in a rural area and I would love to help encourage family activities at school to help bring familes together.

My question is has anyone done themed FMN's? Like my thinking was Finding Nemo and having everyone wear swim trunks/bathing suits, hanging blue beads at the door to look like water, maybe set up spotlights with blue paper over them, sell small beach balls. Has anyone does this? Do they go over good? what other ideas have you done?

thanks and please share any other hints or ideas that you have!!
10 years 8 months ago #148469 by mykids
Replied by mykids on topic Movie Nights Themes...
We do family movie nights and what works for us is having the kids vote on the movie that they will watch. We started out by doing Retro Cartoon Night (Tom&Jerry, Flintstones, Jetsons, etc.) - it was fun, but did not keep the attention of the kids. When we let them vote on the movie, we get more people coming and then they will sit and watch.

Another thing that works for us is that we raffle off the movie at the end of the evening and someone gets to take it home with them.
10 years 8 months ago #148473 by dlf
Replied by dlf on topic Movie Nights Themes...
Hi there...we do dinner and a movie and look on the licensing pages for new release DVDs (be careful though, sometimes they don't release when they say). This year we were able to license and show Wall-E right after it was released on DVD. For so many families going to the movies now is out of the questions, so giving them dinner and a movie for 2 bucks was a welcomed event.

We just cook up and wrap hotdogs, a bag of chips and a juice box and have them all waiting at the sign in table so when they check in they pick up there bag and move to the gym with pillows and blankets and enjoy the show. During the show we make and sell popcorn (a popcorn machine was one of our first purchases as a PTO) and candy and additional meals and drinks in the hallway. Everyone seems to enjoy it although honestly Wall-E is a bit slow.

Two notes of caution--If you do dinner and a movie--make sure you note "No outside food" and also make sure when you set up the area for folks to watch you don't leave any wide open spaces or invariably there will be kids that run around.

I also always give an up front "way to behave" for the kids so they know what can and cannot occur.

Have fun-these are easy and fun family events...especially now.
10 years 8 months ago #148519 by connie2boys
Replied by connie2boys on topic Movie Nights Themes...
We used to do the Movie Nights also. I used to charge a Box Top (my Boxtop Coordinator love this, free books for the library) for the whole family. Great Entrance Fee. We had a snack bar in which I would B-B-Que Hamburgers or Hot Dogs, have Nachos, Candy, Sodas or waters available for a price. Nothing was over $2.00. There were .99 cent raffle prizes and the grand prize was the movie. Sometimes our teachers would donate the movies. Never did the theme thing. My usual crowd would fill up the cafeteria. Great Community program.
10 years 1 month ago #151172 by Event Chair
Replied by Event Chair on topic Movie Nights Themes...
What movies and themes are folks doing this fall and winter. Any good ideas?
10 years 3 weeks ago #151448 by Carole B
Replied by Carole B on topic Movie Nights Themes...
This winter we decided to depart from our winter wonderland theme (where last year we showed Happy Feet) and our theme is going to be "Follow Your Dreams." It fits into our school's mission statement. We are going to show Racing Stripes. We are showing it the weekend before Martin Luther King day -- teachers thought that would be a nice tie in.
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