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Movie Nights Themes...

10 years 10 months ago #151696 by PTOPrez
Replied by PTOPrez on topic Re:Movie Nights Themes...
We usually do a new movie coming out if we can we find a G rated movie, but some PG are OK also. We buy a copy of the movie to raffle off to PTO Members. We buy popcorn bags and give each person a bag of popcorn when they come in. We bought big sports jugs and make lemonaide and Iced Tea, we hand everyone a cup when they come in, if they want a refill they need to keep their cups. Keeps costs down and is "green" also.
Works great for us always well attended.
10 years 10 months ago #151706 by Lori A.
Replied by Lori A. on topic Re:Movie Nights Themes...
We had two movie nights last year. We showed Monsters Inc. at the end of Oct. and did a whole monster theme for Halloween. The kids played pin the eyeball on Mike, screamed into a "homemade scream machine", made their own door to hang in the gym. we served popcorn and drinks. The admission was can goods for our local food bank.
Then Dec 21st we showed Polar Express and let the kids come with pjs and sleeping bags. We served cookies and hot chocolate. Santa made a surprise visit at the end and passed out bells. It was a huge success. Grade K-4 were invited with their families. Admission again was food for our food bank.
10 years 10 months ago #151708 by DaGuzer
Replied by DaGuzer on topic Re:Movie Nights Themes...
We have had successful movie nights for our district (4 schools). We usually offer the latest movie that isn't more than 90 minutes long and have concessions available. Half way thru the movie we take a bathroom break and play some games at the end of the night to help burn off the sugar consumed thru the evening.
10 years 10 months ago #151715 by Irene D
Replied by Irene D on topic Re:Movie Nights Themes...
Someone had mentioned that they showed a current movie at the school. How do you go about renting a movie that is currently running in movie theatre? If any one has a clue, I'd love to know.

10 years 10 months ago #151735 by taft
Replied by taft on topic Re:Movie Nights Themes...
We had movie night last night. We showed Polar Express, and had purchased bells for the students. Santa made a guest appearance and his elf handed out all of the bells. Admission to get in was one canned good per person, which will be donated to the Salvation Army. We sold popcorn and lemonade during the movie.

The downfall- we had a lot of rowdy kids which made it very hard to hear the movie. The parents were all expected to stay, but once you get kids together with their friends, the parents are talking and discipline kind of went out the door. We also requested kids wear their pjs and bring blankets to sit on, but we had quite a few complaints about not providing actual seating.

Overall it was a big success, it was our first movie night-we've definitely learned from it!!
10 years 9 months ago #151843 by thunter
Replied by thunter on topic Re:Movie Nights Themes...
Back in October we showed Mosters vs. Aliens. Had a whole gym full of kids/parents. Was lots of fun....and I highly recommend them, as they're easy as all get out! We offered free bag of popcorn. Then sold CapriSuns for .50cents, and Hot Spiced Cider for $1.00. Also had a company that donated some Jack Link Meat Sticks so we sold those too. We made roughly $270 from the foods...didn't charge any admission fees. It was completely free unless you wanted the treats.

We hyped up the movie with the free bookmarks and poster print outs from USA Movie Licencing where you have to purchase your movie license (which is mandatory) because of copyright laws. Here is the site to contact (as long as it's not a FOX Movie):

In Nov our students did a fundraiser and one of our prizes was that the TOP selling classroom would get to pick out our movie for January's Movie Night. They're thrilled and have the choice between G-Force and Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs.

This time around, we're going to sell the Capri-Suns, along with hotdogs and bag of chips, then a couple munchie candies. Still going to have our free popcorn too.

Hope that helps you out :-)
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