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Family Reading Night Themes

13 years 3 months ago #151714 by Lisa @ PTO Today
Family Reading Night Themes was created by Lisa @ PTO Today
Have you run a Family Reading Night ? What was your theme for the night? Share your ideas with other leaders.


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13 years 2 months ago #151839 by SmittyPTSO
We did a family reading night in early December and the theme was Cozy Winter Reading.The night featured Jan Brett books.We had 4 different areas for this kids to have a Jan brett book read to them. The kids got a stamp card when they arrived and after listening to each story they they got their card stamped. If they listened to all 4 stories, they could put their name on the card and be entered to win a Jan Brett Christams Treasury book. We also had 2 activity areas: one to decorate gingerbread men (tie into the gingerbread baby book) and the other was a table with a bunch activities from her website: We kept the refreshments simple: hot chocolate and cookies. The night was a huge success. Kids were very into it and parents had a great time!
13 years 2 months ago #152178 by Dragon Lady
Replied by Dragon Lady on topic Re:Family Reading Night Themes
I love the Jan Brett Reading Night idea! Thank you for sharing!

We are planning to host a Read In on Read Across America Day focusing on Dr. Seuss's Birthday and to kick off a readathon.

This is our first readathon so wish us luck!! :)
13 years 1 month ago #152441 by Kelli
Replied by Kelli on topic Re:Family Reading Night Themes
Our school recently held a reading night with attendance and participation of approx 250 parents and children. The PTO called the event "Books Come Alive.. Robots and Reading". As children and parents walked into the school they were greeted by a puppet robot, that moved, turned and spoke by a computer generated program. There were three stations along with 3 "Celebrity Readers from the Community". One station located in the library consisted of 2 readers, a power point presentation on Robots installed on 20 computers which allowed the children to point, click and read along with their parents, 20 other computers had Robot Math installed to interact with the children and parents. The second station was located in the mini auditorium consisted of 1 reader, a Book Swap "Bring a Book receive a Book", Bingo Math, Tribot display and 2 Robot Crafts, and the Third Station was located in the cafeteria consisting a 2 Robot displays from a nearby Community College, Robot exercises that involved the children (along with parents), and Robot Snacks. The key to success is to create excitement and interaction with children along with parent involvement. Words of advice stay away from call the event a reading night.

Best Regards,
13 years 1 month ago #152537 by
our elementary did a Soup & Story night. We had approximately 175 people register to come to this free event. Parents from our PTO volunteered to make different soups. We had 16 crock pots of all different types. Some made corn bread/rolls also.
We then had 5 different stories read by adults. Each story was in a different location. After we ate, the kids got into their groups (color-coded groups) and ventured off to their starting point.
After the story was done, they rotated to the next story, and so on. The whole event took about 2 hours.
The stories that were read were: Mean Soup, Chicken Soup With Rice, Stone Soup, Martha Blah Blah, and Soup Bone.
We also had books donated by our local Gleaner's club which were raffled off during the dinner part of the night.
13 years 1 month ago #152564 by mary h
Replied by mary h on topic Re:Family Reading Night Themes
We are looking for a new reading night theme. Looks like this is the place to come. We have so done these themes so far:

If you give child a book.... (read Laura Numeroff books)
All the Colors of the Earth
Time travellers
Books & blankets
Reading Olympics

Looking for a Spring event theme idea.. any ideas out there?
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